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Self-Directed Learning Series: Daily English (III): Learning English through Travelling (Postal Mode)
自主學習系列:生活英語(三):旅遊學英語 (郵遞模式)

Course No. : 241-858143-02|Start Date : 29/04/2024

This course will be delivered in Postal Mode.


CUSCS Instructor

Language Used


Total Hours

14.00 hour(s)





Start Date

April 29, 2024

Tuition Fee

HK$ 1,360.00


General Short Courses

Course Enquiries

2209 02262603 6565[JavaScript encoded]

Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

Mode of Delivery﹕Distance Learning

This course will NOT provide live sessions. Students will learn through written course materials in distance learning mode.

Course materials include: 'Course Guide', 'Course Notes', 'Course Assignments' and 'Study Schedule'.


This course aims to provide a general guideline for students to prepare for their trips, to communicate during the trip and the possible written communication required for the trip. The course not only enhances students' speaking skills but also writing and reading skills. The course starts from vocabulary building to sentence making and formal writing. Students will be able to know more about the customs around the world, learn how to write documents and conduct daily conversation before, during and after their trips.

Course Outline﹕

1. World map
2. Country names
3. Capital and major cities
4. Landmarks and tourist spots
5. Writing to apply for a Visa
6. Filling out disembarkation forms
7. Arranging accommodation
8. Asking for directions
9. Writing postcards
10. Knowing more about local customs
11. Writing a thank you email
12. Writing a blog entry

Course Duration﹕

Around 12 Weeks