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Human Resource Management & Supervisory Skills

Self-Directed Learning Series: Success in Job Hunting (Postal Mode)
自主學習系列:成功求職錦囊 (郵遞模式)

Course No. : 241-828401-02|Start Date : 29/04/2024

This course will be delivered in Postal Mode.


CUSCS Instructor

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Total Hours

14.00 hour(s)





Start Date

April 29, 2024

Tuition Fee

HK$ 1,360.00


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Course Enquiries

2209 02262603 6565[JavaScript encoded]

Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

Mode of delivery:Distance Learning

This course will NOT provide live sessions. Students will learn through written course materials in distance learning mode.

Course materials include: 'Course Guide', 'Course Notes', 'Course Assignments' and 'Study Schedule'.


Looking for a job is highly competitive nowadays. To get the job you want, you must prepare and present the best of yourself. Before you get the opportunity of job interview, you are being assessed on a piece of paper - curriculum vitae/ resume. When you are finally shortlisted for interview, you do not want to ruin it. Chance favors the prepared mind.

This objective of the course is to help those who are new to the job market to prepare themselves for the recruitment process. The course will not only offer practical tips on job application and interviews, but also allow students to practise on writing the curriculum vitae/ resume as well as preparing for some interview questions.

Course Outline

1) Career Planning:Self Assessment
2) Career Exploration in New Digital Age
3) Searching:Writing a Winning Resume
4) Job Searching:Success in Job Interviews
5) Career Strategy

Course Duration

around 14 weeks