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Course Cluster in PR and Strategic Writing

Course No. : 231-300580-01|Start Date : 14/03/2023

Language Used

Cantonese (supplemented with English)

Total Hours

55 Hours


22 Sessions (2.5 hrs per session)


Course Cluster

Course Enquiries

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Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

Course Description

Course Cluster is designed to integrate discipline-specific knowledge and skills with other disciplines from a multidisciplinary perspective. It is developed to build new skill sets or to reskill the workforce to enhance capabilities to meet the needs of a changing environment for long-term career success. The Course Cluster gives an additional dimension to learners to pursue a better quality of life in future.

Course Cluster in PR and Strategic Writing is categorized under “Strategic Public Relations” which consists of three courses namely: (1) PR and Media Relations; (2) Strategic Media: Chinese Writing Workshop; (3) Crisis Communication and Strategic Writing. Learners will be equipped with essential communication skills and writing techniques for managing media relations.

Course Syllabus

PR and Media Relations (15 hours)
The course is designed to equip executives with the effective communication skills they need for managing corporate media relations in today’s business world. The course provides practical case studies to enrich students’ understanding of public relations.

1. HK media scene
2. Media Dos & Don’ts
3. News angles and media pitching
4. Media events
5. PR in practice (Corporate Communication)
6. PR in practice (Marketing Communication)

Strategic Media: Chinese Writing Workshop (20 hours)
Professional writing skills are essential to corporate PR and marketing communications practitioners. This course aims to enhance students’ effective writing techniques in different online and offline media content.

1. Media relations and news angles
2. Writing for offline media: press release
3. Writing for offline media: press invitation, boiler-plate
4. Writing for online media: website, social media
5. Writing for visual media: photo captions, video subtitle
6. Writing for corporate communications: management speech and biography
7. News feature
8. Creative writing

Crisis Communication and Strategic Writing (20 hours)
Is crisis inevitable? This course will adopt an interactive approach to explain the development of crisis and how to handle crisis communication to the key stakeholders. Up-to-date cases will be shared to illustrate the good practice of strategic crisis communication and PR writing. Students are taught to develop writing
techniques to prepare publicity materials before and after a crisis.

1. Everyone is a reporter
2. Media perception of crisis and how to handle it
3. Case study analysis
4. Message strategy and crafting
5. Community Crisis
6. Case study analysis
7. Interactive practice 1
8. Interactive practice 2

導師簡介 (Chinese Version Only)

公關與媒體關係、危機傳訊及策略寫作 (第一及第三部分)
Ms. Beata Cheung 為資深公關從業員,曾受聘於多間著名公關顧問公司,並於全球大型上市公司及酒店總部任職公關。她的工作範疇涵蓋營銷推廣及公共事務,項目包括企業傳訊、品牌管理、公共及持分者關係、非政府組織傳訊等。

媒體策略︰中文寫作工作坊 (第二部分)
Mr. David Woo為資深企業傳訊顧問及專上學院講師,擁有碩士學歷。從事傳訊公司十多年,客戶包括大型地產企業恒基、華懋等,負責荔園、威尼斯國際建築雙年展等大型活動的推廣策略。職務包括公關、撰稿、廣告、市場推廣及數碼媒體等範疇。

Class Schedule and Notification

Commencement Date: 14 Mar 2023
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Venue: TST East Ocean Learning Centre
Course Period: Mar 2023 - Aug 2023 (tentative)
Notification: via Email and SMS about one week before the course commencement


Participants will be awarded a "Certificate of Attendance" upon fulfilling the following requirement:
- an overall attendance rate of 70% or above