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Panopto workshop

eLearning Workshop – Lecture Capture by Panopto


Part 1, Basic features in Panopto

1. Create a Panopto

2. Upload a Zoom video to Panopto

3. Recording management (non-publish, delete)

4. Copy a recording to another class (if you teach multiple classes on the same course (Comming soon)


Part 2. Advanced features in Panopto

1. How to update a Video description

2. How to edit a Video content

3. How to use Smart Chapters

4. How to add captions into a Video

5. How to attach a course note in a Video

6. How to embed a YouTube video into a Panopto Video

7. How to add a Quiz to a Video

8. How to create a live lesson

9. How to view Video Statistics

10. How to share a Video for a specific group of class. (Comming soon)