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Certificate Programme in English (Intermediate Level)

Course No. : 241-392400-01|Start Date : 23/01/2024

Admission Requirements

(1) Completion of secondary education, or equivalent; or
(2) Aged 21 or above


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Certificate programmes

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At intermediate level, the courses prepare participants for a greater understanding of rare complex and abstract structures and topics, as well as higher level English Skills in daily communication.

It is designed for participants to further develop their foundation of English and prepare them for deeper enquiry in other areas of the language. Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to manage common practical communication in daily life or work and develop confidence and useful strategies to express themselves.


There are 5 modules in the programme:
Code Title Hour Session
359104 English in Use 20 hours 10 sessions
379105 Pronouncing English Accurately 20 hours 10 sessions
359102 English Grammar 30 hours 10 sessions
379102 Improving Listening and Speaking Skills 20 hours 10 sessions
369104 Writing Skills Workshop 24 hours 8 sessions


359104 English in Use
This course is suitable for F.5/F.6 standard participants who wish to improve proficiency in the use of everyday English. A variety of materials highlighting areas of interest to Hong Kong English learners will be selected.

Topics will include pronunciation, practical grammar, vocabulary, usage comprehension, listening, reading and writing exercises, such as self-improvement techniques.

Class practice and home assignments will be given.

379105 Pronouncing English Accurately
This course provides an introduction to English phonetics including:

(1) how the speech organs work in English;
(2) consonants, vowels and diphtongs;
(3) syllable word and sentence stress;
(4) rhythm intonation and enunciation, and
(5) intonation.

The course will also practise on identifying and highlighting the most important words in any given situation so as to express what we want we want to say clearly. Paired and small group activities will be considered The focus will be on correcting pronunciation and enhancing an uninhibited expression.

359102 English Grammar
This course is designed for students who wish to go beyond basic grammar. It will provide a review of the eight parts of speech in the Basic English Grammar course followed by a more thorough study of other aspects of grammar. The topics include: punctuation; tenses (with a focus on past actions); gerunds; infinitives; direct & indirect questions; active & passive voices; relative & participial phrases/clauses; adjective & adverb phrases/clauses; comparatives & superlatives; collective nouns; conditionals. and phrasal verbs.

379102 Improving Listening and Speaking Skills
Participants will be required to listen to exercise on various topics related to daily life, or current affairs. Speaking skills will be improved through pair up work, group discussion and interactive activities that are built on the listening topics.

369104 Writing Skills Workshop
The course aims at helping participants to develop writing skills by:
1) reading and analysing a variety of written work,
2) identifying the attributes of good writing, and
3) practising logical and coherent writing.

Although the focus is expository writing, which begins with a clear thesis, followed by a logical argument, the concepts and ideas presented can be applied to business and other writing tasks. Each week there will be a writing practice assignment. Feedback and suggestions for improvement will be provided. Participants who complete their reading and writing assignments, can expect a substantial improvement in their reading and writing skills.


Normally students will take 1 to 2 module(s) in each School Term* in order to complete the whole Certificate programme within 1 year.

On the other hand, you may also plan your own study pace as long as you can complete the entire programme within 3 years (starting from the commencement date of the first module you studied).


To qualify for the award of Certificate in English (Intermediate Level), students are required to:
(1) have an attendance rate of 70% or above in each module; and
(2) have passed the assessments of each module.


All applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

(a) For new applicants:
(1) Apply for the certificate programme:

- Fill in the “Enrollment Form for Certificate and Diploma / Professional Proogrammes”
Programme Code Programme Title
201-392400-01 (Please tick “Full Programme”)
Certificate Programme in English (Intermediate Level)

- Indicate your payment method for the application fee $150 in Part B (non-refundable)

(2) Choose one or two module(s) to study in the first term:

- Fill in another “Enrollment Form for Certificate and Diploma / Professional Proogrammes,” with your name and the module information only.
For example, you would like to study “English in Use,”
Programme Code Programme Title
359104 (Please tick “Individual Subjects”)
English in Use

- Indicate your payment method for the tuition fee of this module in Part B

- Use a separate form for each module.

(3) Send the above forms with your supporting documents for admissions requirements to:
Languages Programme Team, 1/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong.

The school will notify the applicants of the results by mail.

(b) For current students who would like to enroll in the next module(s):

Please fill in the application form following the instructions in (a)(2) (you need not fill in Part C if no updates) and send to:
Languages Programme Team, 1/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Or enroll it online: please select the module you wish to apply for and click on “Online Enrolment” on the course information page. (For existing students only)

The school will notify you the progress by email.

CEF Information

1. CEF Reimbursable Course Information

This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 2).

CEF Reimbursable Course Title:
Certificate in English (Intermediate Level)

CEF Reimbursable Course Code:
38C156230 (for programmes commences on or after 29 November 2023)

Note: only eligible applicant who has successful completed the entire programme can apply for reimbursement of course fees. Students who have completed only some of the modules are NOT eligible for the application for reimbursement.

2. Benchmark Test Requirements
IELTS (Academic Module): An Overall Band Score of 3

Applicant should submit the claim for reimbursement of the benchmark test fees with the claim for the tuition fee of the Certificate in English (Intermediate Level).

For other details about benchmark tests, please refer to CEF website

3. Application and Reimbursement Procedures
Please refer to Information on Continuing Education Fund (CEF)