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All students are required to observe the following code of practices for using computing facilities and services in the School. Students who violate the following regulations will lose their rights to use CUSCS computing facilities. Serious or repeated offenses will result in further disciplinary actions and the offenders may be liable to bear the cost of repairing any damage to the facilities caused by negligence or failure to adhere to the proper operating procedures.


(a) Online Self-Service for Student

  • The Online Self-Service for Student is a web-based inquiry platform for all eligible CUSCS students to view and maintain their own personal information as well as other important information such as the course results, class schedule and payment schedule.
  • To access the Online Self-Service for Student (OSSS), please click HERE.



(b) Violation of Computer Laboratory Regulations

  • Intentionally damage or remove parts or all of the computing machinery / peripherals / equipment, including accessories such as mouse pads, network cables and network sockets;
  • Refuse to leave the lab upon the request of teaching staff or person in charge of the lab during a scheduled lab session;
  • Refuse to prove the identity as an eligible CUSCS member upon request of teaching staff or person in charge of the lab.

(c) Wastage of Computer Resources

  • Deliberately perform acts that waste computer resources or unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others. These acts include, but not limited to, network game, BT, heavy download and FTP, sending mass mailings or chain letters, or otherwise creating unnecessary network traffic;
  • Leave the computer unattended after login;
  • Leave the computer screen locked for more than 10 minutes;
  • Login at multiple stations at the same time.


(d) Improper Handling of Passwords

  • Access the computer system with another user’s account or password;
  • Share / lend your account or password to others;
  • Print or write down your password and make it visible / accessible by others.


(e) Prohibited Activities in Computer Laboratories

  • Play computer games and / or video and / or music which are not related to CUSCS courses or projects;
  • Alterations / removal of any system file in the computers;
  • Attempt to start un-registered network servers / services;
  • Bring in food or beverages into the computer laboratory (Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited).


(f) Improper Use of Wireless Network

  • Set up routing or other special functions with the wireless network;
  • Produce excessive network traffic such as broadcasting and sending massive messages and unsolicited emails;
  • Develop networking software in the wireless network;
  • Share your user account / password to others;


(g) Infringement of Law, Rules and Regulations

  • Copy / share / distribute copyrighted materials (e.g. pictures, movies, songs and software) in which free distribution or sharing is not allowed;
  • Spread of malicious software, such as computer viruses;
  • Password stealing / cracking;
  • Send of obscene / fake emails;
  • Send or relay of spam / junk emails;
  • Attempt to compromise the system and / or network security (hacking) via known or unknown means;
  • Utilize CUSCS facilities to perform system and / or network hacking.